Knysna Sedgefield Hospice is … Grateful, Anxious and Hopeful

Knysna Sedgefield Hospice is …

Grateful, Anxious and Hopeful

As we speed towards the end of yet another busy year, there are three words that seem to typify our feelings – grateful, anxious and hopeful.

The Knysna Sedgefield Hospice has been serving the area stretching from Harkerville to Wilderness, for over 30 years. This last year we cared for over 500 patients and their families. This professional and compassionate care to patients in their homes is available to whoever needs it. This would simply not have been possible without the dedication of our professional staff, the commitment of hundreds of volunteers and the generosity of our many supporters. Without these three legs we would not exist. We are so grateful to the entire team.

At the beginning of this year, we recognized that the tough economic climate was going to have an impact on our income and decided that we needed to focus on what we know is working well – local events, two charity shops and generous local donors.

This strategy has worked well. Not only have our shops and events exceeded their budgets, but we were offered several new events: the Gordi Brown blues evening, the Ile De Pain Chef’s Playdate, the David Davidson talk about the Chelsea flower show and the Voices for Hospice concert with Richard Cock conducting local choirs invited by Annika Lamont. We are privileged to work in an exceptionally talented and generous community.

These wonderful and profitable events would not happen if it was not for our committed, creative and hardworking fundraising team who have once again kept us going. Without doubt we have one of the best fundraising teams in the country.

So with all of this, why are we nervous? As we look to 2018, the economic times are probably going to remain tough. We need everyone who supported us this year, to do so again – please keep supporting us. And more than that, we need to grow our supporter base.

Hope! Despite being anxious, we anticipate 2018 full of hope. Why? We believe that the caring and generous community of the greater Knysna region will once again provide faithful and generous support. We believe that this community realizes the unique role that Hospice plays in providing care to patients who are critically ill as well as giving support to their loved ones. This enables the family to keep their loved ones at home and comfortable with a professional team advising on what to expect and what needs to be considered physically and emotionally to live as well as possible.

We are confident that our support base will continue to support us in the many ways that we seek to raise the funds necessary to cover our expenses. We are hopeful that new supporters, donors and volunteers will join our initiative to provide professional care where it is needed.

And so, we can end where we started – we are grateful.

Dr Janet Stanford
C.E.O of Knysna Sedgefield Hospice