Loving Arms Project

Through the Loving Arms project we hope to raise an awareness of the work that is done by our local Hospice and thus, give people in more developed countries the opportunity to extend their love and concern to our corner of South Africa.
Download the PDF here

Fundraising / Become an Activist

If you like what Knysna Sedgefield Hospice is doing, then register as an Activist. Activists inspires others with their actions because they understand that people don’t care how much they know until they know how much they care.
To register as an Activist click here and select Hospice Knysna as your CAUSE.

Who and what is GivenGain?

  • help Individuals do extraordinary things to raise money for their favourite causes
  • help Charities and Non-profits build strong and sustainable funding models.

More information on GivenGain

Donation in Memory of a Loved One

When you give to Knysna Sedgefield Hospice in memory of a loved one, your donation enable us to continue providing Palliative Home Based Care services for free to patients and their families.

Donate Unwanted Goods to Our Shops

Our shops are continuously looking for your unwanted goods. Click here to read more about our Charity Shops.

Gift List

Have you been thinking about how to HELP Hospice lately? Well we would like to help you because as we all know ‘Thinking too long about doing something is often the reason it never gets done’, so we here to make it easy for you … click here to read our wishlist

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers in lieu of someone can be obtained from B.O.N.D House or at our Charity Shops.
For more information please contact reception on 044 384 0593