Online Wish List

Patient and Family

Hospice provides palliative home base care at no cost to patients and their families

  • Organising and delivery of food parcels
  • Providing clothes and shoes
  • Providing blankets, pillows and etc.
  • Delivery of medicine and medical equipment

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Support a Child

Our children need:

  • Clothes and Shoes
  • School clothes and shoes
  • Books, pens and etc for school
  • Play therapy sessions for disabled and briefed children
  • Toiletries for young ladies

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Once a week patients are fetched from their house and brought to our Daycare centres in Knysna and Sedgefield for a half day of relaxing, socialising, having fun and going on daytrips. This provides lots of fun for them.

Daycare is run by our volunteers who every week have something new to entertain our patients with. Daycare activities include transport from patient’s home, catering, arts and crafts, playing Bingo with prizes and outings.

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Support Groups

This is run by our social workers and support staff and includes catering, group outings; children/adults are being transported, counseling sessions and etc. Hospice runs groups for:

  • bereaved Adults,
  • bereaved children,
  • ill children,
  • children of patients
  • patients who need adherence support

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Clinical Support

In the year 2019 our clinical team made more than 33,322 visits to patients and families!

  • Vehicles travel approx.140,000 km per month. We serve a wide area from Harkerville to Wilderness
  • We have the cost of running our vehicles, and nurses who are on call during the day with their phones (cell phones and landlines).
  • Clinical supplies, e.g. nappies, incontinence pads and linen savers.

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B.O.N.D. House

Thanks to the generosity of our first patron, our offices are situated in the leafy suburb of Rexford! B.O.N.D. House is our head office where all administrative activities and weekly Daycare takes place. Finances are required for:

  • the maintenance of the building.
  • maintenance and services of computers and printers i.e. hardware and software
  • Running costs i.e. electricity, telephones

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Other Donations

Hospice continues to need the following:

  • Unwanted toys, stationary and etc for our children
  • Books, excess and unwanted goods for our charity shops and fundraising events e.g. booksale, maison market and etc
  • Used or unwanted exercise/ gym equipment for our patients at day care
  • Empty yogurt cups, butter cups and other plastic containers

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