Our Team

Essential to the successful operation of a 5-star Palliative Care Hospital are the best people in the right positions. We are proud of our excellence and community service.
The heart of living by giving is what we are all about. Dedicated to the care and support of all, as we seek to enrich and respect every individual that comes across our organisation.

Our Board

Kathy Michaelides

Lynne Barnhoorn
Local Fundraiser

Bob Hunt
Financial Director

Richelle Kohn
Community Representative

Robert Fleisher
Community Representative

Father Brian Williams
Community Representative, has recently moved away from Knysna, we appreciate all his wonderful input, and wish him well

Jerome Prins
Community Representative

Shameera Omar
Community Representative

Iodien January
Community Representative


The smooth art of communication, face and paper behind the organisation.
Our admin team comprises of CEO, admin manager, admin assistant, HR, book-keeper, receptionist, marketing and PRO, driver, volunteers, cleaners and gardener.

Clinical Staff

Are all highly trained in Palliative Care and support. We have a Hospice Doctor, competent professional nursing staff and care-workers. Our clinical staff work long, hard hours and are dedicated to our Hospice patients. We are experts in our field.

Our Social Workers

Assist our patients and their families with the following: Social Grant Applications, Distribution of food parcels, bereavement support; support children of patients and so many other duties.


Are involved in all aspects of Hospice work and complement staff in practical and helpful ways.
Volunteers are very important in:

  • Raising / collecting money
  • Doing critical jobs
  • Promoting Hospice