A day @ BOND HOUSE Orphans and vulnerable children are high on our priority list

Knysna Sedgefield Hospice works from BOND HOUSE, 24 Wilson St, Rexford, Knysna. This is our home base. This is the house that the admin staff operate from, where the Dr and medical staff have their home base and where the cars are stored at night.  This is the core, the place that we all draw together to plan and strategize. From BOND HOUSE all the energy goes out in the form of giving.

This house enables us to facilitate support groups in a regular home environment. Today we started a new bereavement group for children. They arrived at BOND HOUSE at 9 am. Those with no transport we fetched. A Hospice social worker facilitated their day. Socializing and sharing their experiences with others in a similar situation helps. They made cards, discussed the cycle of life, decorated a tin with beautiful paper, a ribbon, filled it with soil and planted a plant. The idea being that they take it home to care for. Good nutrition is essential- so from our Hospice kitchen we made sure they had pap for breakfast, a sandwich and juice at tea time and a delicious lunch (burgers and chips-thanks to donations from Woolworths). After lunch they were taken home by Hospice.

When there is a death in a household there is so much more to consider before and afterwards. Hospice is here to offer family support. To journey alongside. Life will never be the same. We are here to assist with the change. To offer emotional support. To love and care.  But also to do the practical things… like making sure children have what they need, like…school uniforms.

We are able to do all of this because we live in a town that cares. Knysna is a place where we pull together, especially when it comes to having the privilege of dying in the comfort of your own home, with your family, pain free.