Kahn from The Parlotones makes a patient’s dream come true…

Lize Maree and Kahn Morbee

Lize Maree is one of our palliative care patients who is now sadly bedridden. She is a huge fan of the South African band who have achieved international success, The Parlotones! Her biggest regret is that she never attended a live concert and wished to meet Kahn, the front man of The Parlotones. Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice recognises that our patients need and deserve to have holistic care, covering their physical, psycho-social and spiritual needs. So we made it happen!!! Kahn Morbee came with us to Lize’s house where he spent one on one time getting to know her and chatting to her as the normal 38 year old woman that she is 🙂 In Lize’s words, “This is the best day of my life” and at the end of the visit she was quoted as saying “The best thing about being sick is Hospice”…Please share in the joy and privilege it was for us to make Lize Maree’s greatest wish come true! ‪#‎KahnMorbee‬ ‪#‎KSHospice‬

*Permission was granted by our patient to use her name and photos*