Hospice celebrates 30 years

On Friday 27th  June, Hospice celebrated 30 years with an African theme.  Honoring the champions who started Hospice and those who are still involved.  

Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice started informally in 1986 from the boot of a car when Dr.Joan Louwrens and Nurse Sue Brukman worked together to provide care to those who needed it at home.
In 1990 B.O.N.D. House was handed over to Hospice and the official opening was on 5thAugust 1990.
Our first Day Care started on 29 January 1991 with 5 patients, a doctor, and two volunteers.Today we salute our founding members and all the champions who are still contributing to the success of Hospice in the greater Knysna community.

Just to mention some of our early champions:

  • Dr. Joan Louwrens, she lost her husband due to cancer
  • Nurses Sue Brukman, Fiona Simpson, Glennys Hyde, Alison Evans, Audrey Collins, Jenny Shaw
  • Viv and Pete Vadas donated the first much-needed answering machine
  • Eleanor Pawson with Tracey Kohler  started the first daycare (getting the ladies to knit, crochet and do needlework),
  • Margi Ben, Millie White, Mike Lawson -first event organisers
  • Marilyn Cairns – first secretary of Hospice
  • Joan Chapman and Louis Matthee were the first garden volunteers
  • Gordon Bamford helped establish the Hospice shop
  • Jenny Patrick and Cathy Bath  –  Hospice care givers
  • James van Heerden spiritual adviser
  • Marion McDonald, Ruth Bodmer, Margeret Senior
Today and still going strong are: Nurse Dina Arends, Social worker Anne Cretchley, Lynne Barnhoorn (fundraising committee)
Faithfully the baton has been passed on to others to continue the good and much-needed service in our area. Today we have 7 full-time professional nurses, one medical doctor, 2 social workers and 30 community health workers providing care and support at no cost to about 310 patients per month and our vehicles travel over 14,000 km per month.
The party was attended by approximately 120 champions who all contributed and still contributes to the smooth running of Hospice in the community.
African Drum Cafe and Live Band with Marlene Bois, Waldemar van Wyk and Gavin Bezuidenhoudt entertained the guests.
We would like to thank all who contributed to the success of this event.
Ganzvlei Farm, Leeuwenbosch Dairies, 34 South, Drum Cafe Knysna (Richelle Kohn), Waldemar van Wyk, Gavin Bezuidenhout, Marlene Boyce, Bob and Elaine Dudley (Wine), Maverick tents who discounted the tent we hired and especially to our volunteers, staff and their family members who donated to the event.  THANK YOU!
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