My Village Card

Knysna_Hospice_Facebook_Wall_banner (2) R1985 was raised over Dec and Jan! We are thrilled with this amount but we are aware that now that Christmas spending is done, that figure will drop significantly. We unfortunately only average at R1600 per month. We desperately need help to reach our target of R2500 per month in 2017.

This is a passive and most importantly a sustainable form of income for us and one that is so easy to administer, saving precious time which enables us to focus on the many fundraising activities within our organisation.

This so easy it achieve with the help of you, our loyal Friends of Hospice. If you already have a card, please click on to check that ‘Knysna Hospice’ is nominated as one of/your only beneficiary. If you do not have a card yet, please pop into the office to collect an application form, we will even submit it for you and issue your card here at the office. Please encourage your friends and families to take out cards and name us as the beneficiary.

Just a reminder that you can earn money for Knysna Sedgefield Hospice just by swiping your My Village card at Woolworths, Engen 1 Stop shops, Falcon Spur, Wimpy and many others. Your contribution greatly appreciated!