Day care at Knysna Sedgefield Hospice

Day care takes place in Knysna, Sedgefield and Rheenendal. The resources that go into having day care as a  part of our service are significant (inviting, transporting, feeding, entertaining, clinical services).  We continue to offer the opportunity to attend day care in our financially constrained situation because we think it is worth the effort. This is why:

  • Patients who struggle with mobility can get out, meet other patients, staff and volunteers.
  • People who live in cramped circumstances can have confidential conversations with hospice staff.
  • The patients serve as a support group to one another.
  • The activities at day care build self-esteem and change the identity from patient to person with talents.
  • There is economic benefit as donated food and other goods can be distributed and patients can be assisted to access social grants, wills and other legal concerns.
  • Family caregivers get a break from the daily routine of caring.
  • Volunteers who work at day care have an opportunity to share their skills and bond with patients.
  • Staff at hospice who do not normally work with patients have an opportunity to interact with the patients, which is rewarding to both.