Mindful Wellness coaching with Susan McGarvie

susanmcgarvie Susan McGarvie has been leading our team through Mindful Wellness training sessions. We have learnt so much from Susan and we can highly recommend her!

Susan has worked in the healthcare and NGO industries for 2 decades. She has a masters degree in Palliative Care with a special focus on the professional development of patient care managers. She supports and strengthens professional and lay care providers to develop strategies to cope with the rigours of care work and to be better care providers. Research has shown that mindfulness training is very effective in developing resilience and in providing practitioners with the presence and compassion to be better carers and she incorporates mindfulness principles into her wellness coaching and workshops.

To contact her for bookings; 082 574 7556 or email her on info@susanmcgarvie.com  #susan_mcgarvie