Press Release


Why Hospice Needs Your Help Now

Knysna Sedgefield Hospice (KSH) has been helping the communities of Knysna and Sedgefield since 1986, for 33 years. Now we are appealing to the public for their help. The area we serve stretches from Harkerville to Wilderness and inland to the boundary of the Little Karoo.

Historical financial perspective: The local communities have been extremely supportive and we were successful in raising corporate, charitable, Lotto & Community Chest funding. USAID funding was received via HPCA for service delivery and capacity building. We also received Government Grants from the Dept. of Health for Home Based Care, in recognition of the value of our services to the community

After 33 years, the fundraising landscape has unfortunately altered, and the trend is now focused on Education rather than on Health Care, both in corporate, charitable and Government funding. KSH is in the process of budgeting for the coming financial year, starting in April 2020. Some major sources of funding have been lost for the coming year. This unfortunately leaves us with a budget deficit for the coming year of at least R1 million. Our current running costs are budgeted at R6,6 million and our optimistic income budget is R5,4 million.

We are not alone – many hospices in South Africa are experiencing similar financial problems. Some have limited their services. Some have closed. We need to avoid this happening to us; and we believe that the community we serve will indeed rise to this challenge and provide the extra support needed.    Please be a part of this initiative and help us to keep serving our community.

We have a very successful and dedicated Events Team, which contributed to R900 000 net income in the previous financial year, with the much appreciated support from the community. KSH runs on a very tight budget, and there is no unnecessary expenditure. The current structure supports a 5 star fully accredited hospice, with an excellent reputation for providing valuable services to the community. We are reaching out to the community to appeal to you to support the various initiatives we are planning to generate the necessary funding to maintain our organization.  In this way, our future existence can be assured, so that we can continue playing a vital role in health care in our community. Any support will ensure that this vital service which has helped so many patients and families to navigate the difficult path of a life-threatening illness, will be available to those who need it in the future.

The demand for palliative care is sure to increase and may outstrip our ability to meet this demand. According to the recent Discovery Health statistics, they have reported an increase of 45% in the cancer diagnosis of their patients between 2011 & 2017.

HOW YOU CAN HELP Knysna Sedgefield Hospice to Bridge the Budget Gap:

  1. Support our Hospice Sweepstakes (name changed from Donor Club), which costs R600 per annum or R50 per month. If we can grow this Donor Club to its full potential, we can raise R1 million per annum. (Half of the proceeds are used for prizes). The more tickets we sell, the bigger the prizes will be.
  2. Support our Hospice Shop by donating or buying goods, and/or volunteering to work in the shop.
  3. Support our Events, which are of a high standard and always enjoyable and successful.
  4. Remember us in your will. We have a bequest program which we are respectfully promoting.
  5. All donations will be very welcome, for which you will receive a Section 18a tax certificate.
  6. Volunteers are the backbone of KSH, and there are many various ways in which you can help by volunteering your services.

Contact Details: Hilary Grey at 044 384 0593/1459 or