Knysna Hospice : Christmas Carols

Local Events : Christmas Carols

19th Dec 2017 at 7pm

Christmas wouldn't mean half as much without the beautiful carols, traditional and modern, that we sing at this joyous time of year.

Over the past ten years Knysna Sedgefield Hospice has held its annual Carols by Candlelight at Woodmill Lane. It is a warm, family oriented evening and it would not be complete without a visit from Father Christmas. Attendees are requested to bring a gift, which Father Christmas, who always makes an appearance, can collect and distribute to the needy children of Knysna.

Candles and song sheets are provided and the families gather around the gazebo where, accompanied by a choir and band, they sing all the familiar songs of Christmas.

The highlight of the evening, and also the most moving, is the lighting of the memory candles. The Tree of Light is an international hospice symbol of love and hope and as darkness falls people have the opportunity to remember their loved ones as the candles beneath the Christmas tree are lit.

People can buy memory candles during the two weeks preceding the event and on the evening for this purpose.

As with all our fundraising events none of this would be possible without the generous donations of the sponsors and the public.