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The “Ladies Hillclimb Team” a vision born by organizer Francis Cusens. - "An opportunity to raise more for the greater Knysna charities through the Ladies team".

The Knysna Hillclimb Ladies Team team consists of several ladies who have a serious addiction to motorsport, cars and going fast. The awesome part is that these ladies use their skills on the track to raise money for charity. The Hillclimb ladies team attends the yearly Knysna Speed Festival. Some of the drivers will compete in the Classic car Friday and some will be racing for King of the Hill. Some of these talented drivers and motorsport personalities compete in both events.

The Campaign raises funds for Hospice Palliative Care to patients in general and also for the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children’s Project (OVC).
2015: Di Dugmore in her Austin Healey Sprite was the first lady to race as part of The Hilllclimb Ladies Team raising funds for Hospice.
2016: Di Dugmore, Anita Cusens (Spaans), Clare Vale, Paige Lindenberg, Donecius (Donny) Lamola, Andrea Linke (entrant from Germany) and Lerryn Mew (the only South African female live motorsports commentator and has been doing so for the last 15 years.)
2017, 2018 and then 2019 - coming up on 2 – 5 May 2019

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