2023 Special Appeal

As we all know, the past year has been a challenging time for South Africa and the world. Knysna Sedgefield Hospice has not been immune to these difficulties, and we are currently facing significant budget deficits. We are working tirelessly to avoid reducing salaries or cutting jobs, but unfortunately, we are facing a heart-breaking endeavour. We typically receive funding from the National Lotteries Commission, but their own governance issues have halted all applications until later this year, resulting in a delay in funding for our programmes. Additionally, the cost of everything we purchase has increased astronomically, including repairs for our ailing vehicles, petrol, and basic supplies for our patients.

Despite these challenges, we are grateful for the incredible generosity of our loyal community of donors. However, there is a large funding gap before us, and we are reaching out to you, a loyal donor of Knysna Sedgefield Hospice…

Would you consider donating to help us bridge the gap at Knysna Sedgefield Hospice? To enable us to continue to reach over 180 patients a month, rather than scaling back due to job losses. To get us to the other side of funding delays. To help us start the new financial year on solid footing, encouraged and hopeful – energised to continue to care for patients, raise funds and love our community.
We need to bridge the gap in our budget before it’s too late!

We are working on numerous grant and other funding applications, as well as big, bold fundraising events throughout 2023. We are not sitting back, with our hands idle. We are unfaltering in our ambition to secure funding, so that we can continue to reach the far-flung corners and well-known streets of Knysna with life-giving, hope-bringing palliative care!

Any amount will help. All contributions are deeply valued. Every donor is a bridge over troubled waters. Will you help? Or do you know someone who could?

We’ve included bank details here should you be ready to make a donation or CLICK HERE to give via card (18a and BEE certificates will be sent with Thank You letters). You can download our Special Appeal Letter here. 

Thank you for reading and considering this request – we do not take it for granted.
Hilary Grey, CEO

Nedbank Knysna Branch: 198-765
Account Name: Knysna Sedgefield Hospice
Account Number: 1089003145
Reference: Your/Company Name