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Loving Arms Project

Loving Arms Project

Through the Loving Arms project we hope to raise an awareness of the work that is done by our local Hospice and thus, give people in more developed countries the opportunity to extend their love and concern to our corner of South Africa.
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Your Donation to Knysna Sedgefield Hospice will make it possible for us to continue providing Palliative Home Based Care Services for free to our patients and their families.
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What We Do

We care for our community by providing holistic home based care to patients and their families in our wider Knysna Sedgefield Community; this involves taking care of the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of our patients and their families. We also train and mentor our staff, volunteers and health care professionals in the public and private sector.


To extend Palliative Care to all who need it.

Mission Statement

The aim of Knysna / Sedgefield Hospice is to serve the community by providing palliative, home-based care for persons with progressive, incurable and chronic debilitating illnesses. Our holistic care extends to the families prior to and during the bereavement period.

This is achieved by medically directed, nurse and social worker coordinated care to meet the physical, spiritual and psycho-social needs of patients who meet our referral criteria irrespective of race, age, creed or gender.

Strategic Aims

  1. To sustain good governance through the leadership of a governing body with the correct combination of skills, experience and representation.
  2. To provide quality palliative care to patients and their families.
  3. To promote awareness of palliative care and to influence policies that would advance care.
  4. To develop strategic partnerships and networks with other organisations that could promote and/or provide quality palliative care.
  5. To provide and promote education, training, mentorship and research in palliative care, bereavement, grief and related Non Profit Organisation topics.
  6. To maintain and strengthen management systems of human and material resources and encourage a supportive and caring ethos throughout the organisation.
  7. To seek innovative ways of generating and accessing funds to support and sustain the mission of the organisation.

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April Donor Club Winners

Congratulations to the recent Knysna Sedgefield Hospice Donor Club winners:

First Prize: Mimi Babin R 7,485
Second Prize: Louise Hobson R 3,120
Third Prize: Marina Webster R 1,870

For just R50 per month, you could be a lucky winner!
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Myths & Facts about Hospice

Myth: If my pain is getting worse, I am afraid that my disease is getting worse.

Fact: There are many reasons for increasing pain. The Hospice team will help to look at the possibilities. It may help to keep a pain diary so that any pattern can be easy to see.

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